1. To establish and support scientific, societal, professional, cultural, and economic co-operations between Canada- and North-America in a wider sense - and Hungary with the endeavour to involve the widest possible circle of international Canadianist organizations in these activities;

2. To promote and support the mutual scientific, professional, economic, cultural, and societal understanding and interoperability between the countries;

3. To establish and foster professional, scientific, economic, cultural, and societal dialogue and future oriented co-operation based on equal rights and duties;

4. Non-profit based participation in establishing and fostering Hungarian-Canadian interrelations;

5. Professional and cultural services;

6. The Society pursues the aim of supporting Canada-related scientific, teaching, research, social and common - interest activities.

Founding members

Dr. Judit Kádár
Dr. János Kenyeres
Dr. Krisztina Kodó> Dr. Gábor László
Dr. István Molnár
Dr. Judit Nagy
Dr. Kálmán Richter
Dr. Andrea Szabó F.
Dr. Péter Szaffkó
Attila Takács

Members of the Board

Dr. Kálmán Richter, President of the Board
Dr. Judit Kádár
Dr. Krisztina Kodó
Dr. Gábor László
Dr. Andrea Szabó F.